The aim of this project is to promote and sell 2 important products belonging to the Thrivo technology company through our design services for metaverse projects. For the virtual world simulation design, we have created a building that is 20 meters high and has 2 floors. We preferred concrete as the material for the exterior, and we created a rigid appearance in the building by making the front and back completely glass. In the interior, we added more naturalness to the space by using more wood. By designing an exhibition area in the middle of the ground floor, we exhibited 2 important products, machines, so that customers will see the products as soon as they enter the space. On the right at the entrance, we placed a large screen for the purpose of promoting the product and the company. At the same time, we designed a shampoo cabinet, a dye bar, two hair cutting areas, and a hair dyeing area so that customers can feel that the place is a hairdressing salon. When you take the elevator from the central point and exit on the second floor, the NFT exhibition area welcomes you, where you can see and buy the company’s NFT collection in our metaverse simulation design
Please visit to experience this magnificent building. cordinate (-111, -16)