The aim of this project is to promote the current product of Garrett Leight, the best eyewear store in Europe that designs and sells eyeglasses, and to sell these products on the metaverse. This building, built on two parcels, is a 2-storey store with an area of approximately 500 square meters.
There are 6 entrance doors for users to enter from every point of the store, and orange colors and LED lights are used to draw attention on the exterior. At the same time, many transparent windows are used to reflect the interior space to the outside.
When users enter the venue, a large promotional screen awaits them, resembling glasses. We used green leafy wallpapers to add naturalness to the space. At the entrance, 4 Fovori glasses are promoted and sold at the same time. When you reach the 2nd floor with the teleport, you go to the exhibition area where there is a huge eye sculpture. Here, you can see an eye sculpture and the brand’s logos at the central point. To inspect the building, please¬†visit. coordinate (-108, -13)
As Metaverse Architects, our team specializes in Virtual world design and 3D virtual world design. We create immersive and visually stunning virtual spaces that showcase the unique features of our clients’ brands, such as the eyewear store of Garrett Leight in this project. Our design approach takes into account not only the aesthetics but also the functionality and user experience of the virtual environment. With our expertise in Virtual world design and 3D virtual world design, we ensure that every detail of the virtual space is carefully crafted to meet the needs and expectations of the users.