Metaverse Fashion Week, a tour-de-force of houses, brands, designers, and fashion devotees will gather around multiple catwalks in Decentrland’s newest district, the ‘Luxury Fashion District,’ presented by UNXD and Vogue Arabia, to exprerience fashion’s hottest and most iconic brands make their Web3 debut.
Participating brands; Dolce % Gabbana, Elie Saab, Paco Rabanne, Cavalli, Etro, Guo Pei, Jacob % Co, Vogue Arabia, Dundas, Cavalli, Selfrindges, Tommy Hilgiger, CHUFY and other lead an all-star roster of digital catwalks into the next generation of fashion, the Metaversal Age.
The concept of this building, located in Decentrland, is completely inspired by the products produced. You can see the products of the brand displayed on the models on the ground floor, you can buy the NFT of these products. When you go upstairs with the help of the teleport, you can see NFT products and various advertisements of the brand.
Location -108, -15